Thursday, September 23, 2010

Love for a white nursery!

I feel the need to start this post off by saying I in no way shape or form want another baby, but this nursery makes me weak in the knees. Honestly it makes me want to give the hubs the boot to the (unfinished) garage, and set this beauty up in its place with no baby ha!


  1. gorgeous!! you know I love it! My next baby is definately getting a white nursery!

  2. Hi Caycee, I love following your blog because you remind me SO much of myself--OCD, love decorating, always 'thinking' about next project, AND--dressing your boy in cute little bubble rompers!! I'm in the process of moving my son into a 'big boy room' because we have a baby girl on the way in a few months!! I was wondering if you had any good inspirational sites? I feel like I have been through them ALL! Thanks!

  3. Love Love Love!!! We have a little addition heading our way in March and I am in need of some nursery inspiration!