Thursday, September 16, 2010

Healthy Boy!

Carson had his 18 months Dr. apt. today! Yes he is 20 months, yes I am a slacker, and yes we both hate the doctor and shots!! I was a little nervous about this appointment, you see the only thing my child eats is fruit and the occasional PB&J. He is a little thing. personally I don't mind him being tiny I think he looks more like a baby and I get to put him in bubbles a little longer ha! But everything checked out just fine. He weighs 23 lbs (10%) his head and length are both in the (50%) too! Now on the other hand the Dr. office was no fun I had to watch as they pricked my babies finger after he so nicely pointed it out there to the nurse, and then 10 minutes later two shots in the leg :( Needless to say we both left with tears, next time daddy is coming with us!

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