Thursday, July 22, 2010

What a wonderful Thursday!

In his PJs this morning :)
being silly before his nap!

I am in a great mood! Today has been awesome :) I woke up to my little man chatting in his crib, and when I came to get him he gave me the biggest smile... I knew it would be a good one! The cleaning ladies arrived at 8:30 and off Carson and I went to run errands. We came home threw our swimsuits on and headed to the pool! I have such a water baby he loves it, and so do I! We came home ate lunch PB&J he got a little messy, so i decided a nice warm bath would probably help his nap last longer anyways :) I put him down at 12:00 and ran to my hair apt. that was at 12:30 I love getting my hair highlighted :) I called Todd to see if little man was still sleeping and he assured me like a baby ha! So I got a little shopping in!!! Came home to my very Clean house and my two men playing ball outside.......... Life is good, and tonight Todd and I are going on a date! Weee clean house, shopping, happy baby, and a date with my hubby that's what I call a good Thursday :)


  1. Those have to be the cutest pajamas ever, what kind are they? He is a doll!!

  2. Love those pajamas! Where are they from?