Sunday, July 18, 2010

Perfecton, Planning, and Anxiety

This pretty much sums up my brain at all times. I so badly struggle with perfection, obsessive planning, and anxiety. This may make some of you laugh, but I am being dead serious. most days is does not get to me, but its when things don't go as planned or go as fast as I would like them the anxiety kicks in. Its little things that i shouldn't even worry about, but I do! Let me give you some examples so you can follow..... Todds office/garage makeover. we are planning to turn our detached garage into Todds new office. There is a lot of work that will have to be done to get this ready, and I don't want to half a** it if you know what I mean! We have to get and AC unit in there, paint walls and floors, hang curtains, and all that great jazz :) Well I am freaking out and we are not even starting this until next summer! Next summer is our plan to start on baby number 2, and Todd as to be out of the house before i am making any more babies reason 1) I am not giving up our guest room, so the baby needs his office ha! reason 2 two babies in the house and my husband trying to make a living for our family.... not happening :) Carson already knows where "daddy works" and he knows how to distract daddy :) Any who my point is I cant stop thinking about this and its driving me crazy :) Also on the obsessive planning I already have my unborn childs nursery decorated completely in my head (we are not going to find out the sex next time so it will be all white awe Love!) Carsons second birthday almost done! The perfecting eeww..... I don't think you guys even want me to go there, trust me its bad! I want everything just the way I want it all the time especially my house!See what I mean my brain never stops I feel like can never relax and just let it all go!!! Sorry for the rambling, I would love any advice you guys have if any???