Monday, July 12, 2010

New trunks and Mimis visit!

Friday Todd, Carson and I decided to head to the pool!!! We woke Carson up from his nap to tell Mimi bye (which we hated to do) both the wake up and telling Mimi bye. Mom and I had such a wonderful visit! We were able to do lunch twice baby free (bonus to a work from home husband) Shop, Shop, and shop, go to the movies, and take Carson to the pool :) I so wish my mom lived a little closer :( While we were out shopping Mimi bought Carson the cutest swim trunks! They were love at first sight for me! Yes I am one of those snob moms that goes weak in the knees over bubbles, jon jons, and anything seersucker! Sorry I cant help it, it just the way my brain is wired ha! So here are a few pics of my little man in his new trunks! Thanks Mimi we love you and miss you already!


  1. Just found your blog and love it! I am expecting a baby in March and loved everything seer suckered and longalls too! Very exciting!

  2. Love love his new trunks! He is such a cutie!