Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I got the itch.....

To organize my kitchen that is! Do you guys ever do this, just get an itch to re-organize cabinets, drawers, and anything thing else that is just over flowing with un-organization?? Well I do, it drives me crazy to open a cabinet and things fall out or open a drawer to find something and it takes 15 minutes to find what I need. So it was time, and I managed to do the entire kitchen before little man woke up from his nap :) Now my head is just spinning and I cant stop thinking about all of the other draws/cabinets that need some re-organizing!! While on the organizing kick I thought I would share some cute tags I had made for Carson closet. They turned out just perfect. and you should know by now I love a label!!


  1. Oh you have no idea! I'm about to do a whole series on Operation Get This Place Organized!!! I'm feeling a little manic today:)

  2. oh, I love this idea! I need a great way to organize my items!