Thursday, July 15, 2010

Conor and Jude are 2!!!

The beautiful birthday girl herself, I tried to get one of her twin brother Jude but he was not feeling it :)

I cant believe these beautiful twin babies are already 2! I remember the day they were born, and it def. doesn't seem like two years ago! Any who they had there party at Chuck E Cheese this year, and boy did Carson love this place! This was our first trip there, so we were not real sure how it would go. Well I don't think its any secret that my boy is obsessed with balls, so low and behold we were glued to the ski ball almost the whole time :) but that was fine by me, because it was so fun to watch him sling that ball every time. Todd and i were both amazed that he could actually get the ball all the way to the top! He also ended up friends with the big rat Chucky himself high fiving him and all! Happy Birthday Conor and Jude!

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