Sunday, May 2, 2010

Just to make you laugh....

25 weeks
33 weeks

About to pop at 38 weeks

Again at 38 weeks

The night before the c-section at 39 weeks

So Todd and I had a pretty laid back weekend, just the way we like :) Friday night after Carson went to bed Todd grilled us steaks and I made sweet potato fries yummy! I was drinking my favorite Mimosas and Todd had his red wine :) We started talking about baby #2, and how things would be different this time around. It is no secret that I had a pretty tough time after Carson was born, but I also did NOT have the most glorious pregnancy either. During my last 3 weeks I gained 20lbs of fluid no joke I swear. It was All in my BELLY,so you can imagine it was quite large! I have never shown these pics before,but I am OK with it now, so I thought I would share :) This big stretch marked belly brought Todd and I the most beautiful, amazing gift we could have ever asked for!

PS in case you are wondering, there will be no baby #2 anytime soon he! he! If you didn't already know this about me I am a planner, so I like to plan way in advance! We will be trying next year in June though in case you were dying to know!


  1. LOVE the pics!!! I love looking at my big ole' belly and just giggling! It's amazing how they just stretch out there!

    Glad you had a good weekend! ;)

  2. Girl you looked gorgeous all through your pregnancy!

  3. I love your pictures! You look so beautiful and tiny!!! I am a big fan of good spacing between babies. the boys are 2.5 years apart and this baby and West will be 1 month shy of 3 years. Every body gets their time etc etc. Great news about next June!!! Let's get together soon:)