Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Beyond Attached

Carson and his wa wa's as he would call them. I call them a paci and a lovie, but since they are his I guess they get to be wa wa's :) Carson has slept with his paci and lovie since he was 3 weeks old. All jokes aside he slept on his tummy when he was a baby because of his severe reflux and had to have something to hold onto while he slept. If we did not put it in the crib with him he would scratch the sheets until we did. So ever since then he has slept with both EVERY NIGHT!!! That is fine with me, but lately he wants both of them all the time! When he gets up in the mornings he cries if I take them away, and he wants to keep both by his side every minute. It has got so bad that he even wants them when he eats. Todd took them away the other day before dinner, and I kid you not my 15 month old had a panic attack. It scared the crap out of Todd, me on the other hand suffering from panic attacks in my past i knew he would be fine. Still it really bothers me! If you guys have any advice on what I should do please help!


  1. Some parents limit them to to the bed but others just go with it. I probably wouldnt worry about it. Just make sure when he says hi or bye to someone he takes it out, i think it's pretty rude when they talk with their paci in their mouth?

  2. How cute is your family!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog! We did attatch it directly to the mirror.Hope that helps, Have a wonderful day!