Friday, March 5, 2010

Show us your Life -- Schedules

Schedule- One of my favorite words :) If you know me at all you know that I'm a very scheduled person! If you wanted to rob me then all you would have to do is follow me around for like a week ha! Now with that being said I think I'm the busiest SAHM out there hehe! I'm totally kidding! I going to give you the low down on how are weeks look around here...... every morning starts about the same me.... I get up @ 5:30 shower, get ready, and make the bed. Little Carson has been sleeping until 7:00, so I go upstairs with warm bottle of milk in hand, turn on baby Einstein, and change his diaper. Then I lock his gate in his playroom and I'm off to read emails, check blogs, and balance our account. Todd comes home around 7:15 and Carson and I come downstairs...I heat my toast and daddy and Caron eat there oatmeal. Daddy goes to work (upstairs) at 8:00. So that is our morning every morning! Now my mid mornings and afternoons are always different Mon, Wed, and Friday Carson has MMO from 9:45/1:00 So on Mondays and Fridays I go to work at Sprout it is a maternity and Infant boutique in Charleston :) I have been there over 2 years and I love it, what can I say I love pregnant women and babies! I also love my boss Jodi she has become one of my BFFs! So anyway I drop Carson off at school and i go into to work from 10-2 (Todd picks Carson up on those days). It is such a good balance for me and Carson! Tuesday and Thursdays are my true SAHM mom days we just hang out on these days the only thing scheduled are I train with my trainer Tuesdays at 9:30 and Thursdays @ 11:30 while Carson hangs out in the gym nursery with his buddies! Wow sorry this was so long!!! Cant wait to hear your schedules!