Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Phil and Elizabeth tie the knot!

Wow! What a weekend! Everything was perfect the bride, the weather, the flowers, the food, and mostly the friends! I know you have heard me talk about Elizabeth on here before, but incase you are new she is my very best friend in the world, and Carsons Godmother. I dont think it has ever brought me as much joy and happiness to watch two people get married as it did this weekend. There is just something about watching someone you love so much being so happy. The weekend started with the rehresal dinner, which was awesome besides when I gave my speech and lost it :) Then Saturday morning we all got together for some yummy brunch..........In our PJS!!!!! I know how fun :) We satyed in our Pj s all day and hungout at Elizabeths house and enjoyed the beautiful weather. The ceromony was short sweet and beautiful just way I like it! I wish I had some pics of the reception because OMG it was gorgeous I will try to get some soon and post them!!!!