Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hoppy Easter Cookies

Ok..... so I may get a little sappy here. You know when you are younger like in your teens and you start imagining your future. Well mine went a little something like this.... fall in love,get married, have a baby, stay at home, make homemade Easter cookies for your child's class. Ok well maybe you didn't imagine the last one, but I always have :) So for me this was so much fun! It was on of those things I have just looked forward to for so long. A few burnt cookies a cut finger and a tired mommy I give you Hoppy Easter cookies!


  1. Caycee,
    those look like the cookies at carson's party. i would have thought some lady in NY made them.... go mama!!! love ya, jodi

  2. Those look great! Tell me about the tags and how you decorated them. GREAT JOB!