Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My 2 daily battles

Ok I just need to vent and let you all know the two things tha run through my head atleast 5 times daily! First is my weight, I think about it all the time! I have finally decided that I;am serious about getting it off too! I haven't blogged about it lately because I feel like its something that I constantly say I'm going to do and never follow through with. So I'm making progress and I thought I would share. It has finally hit me that the only way that I'm going to get skinny and stay skinny is to eat really healthy and workout everyday, sucks I know, but it has to be done! I'm actually really getting it to it this time though, I have started running and I'm loving it, ok lets don't lie here I'm liking it! I have lost almost 2 inches from my waist YAY me!!!! Ok number 2 please do not judge, because Im about to be real honest. Do I want another child? OMG I know I really just typed that out! I think about it all the time daily actually... I'm just so torn I always thought that I want 3 or 4 kids, but now I just don't know? Don't get me wrong I LOVE being a mommy its the best thing ever, but I feel like I have it so together with one baby! I know you are all thinking why are you trying to make this decision now your child is not even 1 yet? If you know me you know I plan everything and I do mean everything i think about things long in advance before they ever happen. Now the reasons I think I only want one... all selfish of course 1) I can keep my house clean and do all Carson laundry
2) I can get my body back and never have to get really BIg again
3) I had a terrible pregnancy and really have no desire to do it again
4) I take showers get dressed and put on makeup everyday
5) We can still go to dinner and lunch with one baby and handle it?

Ok you all see where I'm going here right. The only thing is I really want Carson to have a brother or a sister and when I'm older I want to have more than one child? Any advise???

PS Thanks for letting me vent!