Sunday, October 11, 2009

Shes my person

I'm a week late on this post , but what do they say better late than never! You know how they say on Grays Anatomy that Grey is Kristina's person...... Well Elizabeth is my person! I love this girl more than words can describe she my bff, Carson's godmother, and the sister I never had! And Guess what she is getting married in March! I could not be more happier for her and Mr. Jones they are going t0o be so happy together! I can not think of anyone who deserves this more than her I know I'm a little biased , but come on she is my first Born's Godmother ha! Any who I love you girl and we had so much FUN celebrating yours and Phil's engagement last weekend!

PS Pictures to come later tonight!


  1. Aww, I just about cried! I love you too and and I think we are each other's Greys! =)