Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Downtown Bound!

OK Todd and I have lived in the beautiful Charleston, SC now for 2+ years and we LOVE it! But things change after baby....... I had planned for us (me, Todd, and baby) To take weekend trips downtown. (one of the reasons I purchased the Bugaboo). It is/was one of mine and hubby's favorite things to do! If you have ever been downtown Charleston I don't have to explain why!

Any who we finally made it there with BABY!!!! Ok I know Carson is almost 7 months old, but at least we got there ha. We had such a great time :) We went to one of our favorite pizza places and Carson had his very first taste, lets just say I think this man is going to love pizza. We also took a trip to get some goodies for our other son Rocky at the doggie bakery he was a very happy pup when we got home!