Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Its a Gymboree Day

Carson and I finally made it back to Gymboree yesterday! My good friend Candice and Carsons girlfriend Addison joined us. They had so much fun, and were so cute to watch. We really hope Candice and Addison are going to sign up:) After Gymboree, Candice and I went to Lunch at Chilli's it was so yummy! Iam usually not the biggest fan of places like that, but it was really good. Carson did pretty good there he napped on mommy for a little while.(Gymboree really makes him tired). Then we tried something I knew was not going to be pretty SHOPPING! My son hates to shop!!!!!!!!!!!! (typical male I guess). I really wanted some new lamps for our bedroom and the guest bedroom and Marshall's in Mt Pleasant has really pretty ones! But Carson was not hearing of new lamps for mommy, he cried the whole time! But I still got my lamps Yay!!!! Remember son mommy is in control ha ha I thought I would give you all a good laugh for today.


  1. I love the pic of Carson & Addison - they are such a cute little couple. :)

  2. i never did get to see the lamps today!