Monday, July 6, 2009

I Love Mondays

No really I do love Mondays here a few reasons why
1- Its a new start to a new week
2- I get to go to work at a job I love for 4hrs(and I can take Carson if needed)
3- Todd and have nothing going on in the evenings which is nice, so we usually grill out!

Well today I had a great time at work, I did take the little man, which I usually do not, but Todd said he had to get some work done:) My job is the best job ever in my opinion. I work an infant and maternity boutique!(right up my ally) I have been there almost two years.We have the cutest maternity clothes and baby clothes! I love my boss, she has actually has become a really good friend of mine! We had some really sweet customers come in today and Carson flirted with all the ladies! I love getting to socialize:) There is nothing cuter that a prego lady:)

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