Monday, July 27, 2009

Wedding and Family = FUN

Well we had another wonderful weekend. Todds sister Jamie and her husband Luke came in town Friday night, we didn't get to hang out with them much on Friday because they were going to a rehearsal dinner. On Saturday Todds parents came in town, and it was so nice to have everyone here!! We went over to Shem Creek for lunch, and it was so good.(I always say Iam going to take pics of the food, but I forget). Then us ladies went for a little shopping trip, and Todd and then men took Carson with them. I have to be honest and say it was so nice to be able to look around with out having a baby to tend to the whole time. After that we all came back to the house and started getting ready for the wedding we were all going to. Todds sweet cousin Emily was getting married. She met the most amazing man, and she really deserves this happiness. We are so happy for you Emily!! We had the best time ever! One of my best friends Elizabeth was also there, and it was so fun hanging out with her. We had the best time with Todds family, it was so relaxing and nice to spend time with them. Come back and see us soon Mimi, Papa, aunt Jamie and Uncle Luke! Carson says he is really missing his furry friends. (we had 3 dogs here this weekend and they we all perfect little pups, and Carson loved watching them.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

First of all I want to wish a happy 6 months to my sweet baby Carson! You have brought your daddy and I more joy than you will ever know! This age is so much fun :) You have quite the little personality, and we love it! I think that it is safe to say your favorite thing right now is your brother Rocky! ha ha! You just squeal with joy every time you see him, it is the funniest thing ever! Of course your crazy OCD mom has pretty much already planned your 1st birthday!(Its going to be monkey a theme).We love you so much little man!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Date Night

Last night Todd and I had date night! Let me just say Yay for date night :) We went to the Mustard Seed on James island. Its is one of my all time Faves, but we have not been since Carson was born, sad I know. Anyway it was so yummy I forgot the camera so I do not have a picture: ( I think that little man gave sweet Mrs. Mariah a hard time! She is so awesome, and told me not to worry she could handle him ha! So that is what we did, and when we got home he was sound asleep. OK......... here is the picture of me starting out (before weight loss). Today will be my first day meeting with Zack, he is making me out a diet plan for me today. (Iam a little scared). I will let you all know how it goes.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Here comes skinny mama (or smaller than Iam now)

OK its time........... to start working out again and loose some weight! I have been saying that I was going to sign up at the gym since Carson was 3months old he is now 6 months you see how well that worked for me ha ha! Well Today I finally got up took a shower and drove my butt to the gym to sign up. I met with Zack my future personal trainer, and went to check out daycare the place my little man will go while I get fit. Iam getting really excited, I know I will fill so much better when I get this weight off. I plan on tracking my journey, so each week on Fridays I will let you know if I have lost or gained or just stayed the same! Wish me luck!!!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Another FUN weekend

Have I mentioned I love weekends when we are able to stay home and enjoy home! Well I do, very much so. Friday night Todd and I went on our first date with Carson :) He did really good, he sat in his highchair all by himself and ate his whole jar of baby food! We ate at a place called the Wild Olive a really yummy Italian restaurant in Johns Island. It is one of those hole in the wall places, but so delicious. After dinner, Todd and I put little man to bed and we did the same. Saturday we took our first beach trip with little man YAY!!! He did so good and we were so proud of him. He really liked the water:) We sat in what I like to call the mud puddles most of the time. The mud puddles are these really big holes full of water all over the beach. It is perfect if you have babies or small children. After about 30min though he had enough, it was nap time. We attempted to let him nap in his tent on the beach, but he wasn't having it ha! After the beach we came home and all of us took a three hour nap. Sunday we went to church, came home ate some lunch and starting prepping the food for a cookout we were having with some of the neighbors. We had a great time, there is nothing better than having good neighbors to hang out with on Sundays!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

New clothes and more shopping

What a week we have had! Poor Carson has had to go shopping with mom twice in one week now! He hates it and I love it:) This morning my little man decided that he wanted a bottle at 4:00 am, which is not that unusual, but he went right back down afterwards. Well I decided that I could not get back to sleep, so I would do laundry, iron, take a shower, get dinner ready for tonight ect... It was actually really nice to have the whole house in silence and for me to get everything done for the day. Carson and I met my good friend Candice and Addison for some crazy shopping!! Crazy it was, there was a Bumble boutique trunk sale with the cutest clothes for really good prices! Praise the lord we got there at 8:30 when the doors opened! It was a mad house all I have to say is don't mess with a Southern girl when it comes to Smocked clothing and John Johns ha ha! Women were basically knocking each other down. Carson and I swooped in grabbed a few cute things and made it to the checkout:) It was alot of fun :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Its a Gymboree Day

Carson and I finally made it back to Gymboree yesterday! My good friend Candice and Carsons girlfriend Addison joined us. They had so much fun, and were so cute to watch. We really hope Candice and Addison are going to sign up:) After Gymboree, Candice and I went to Lunch at Chilli's it was so yummy! Iam usually not the biggest fan of places like that, but it was really good. Carson did pretty good there he napped on mommy for a little while.(Gymboree really makes him tired). Then we tried something I knew was not going to be pretty SHOPPING! My son hates to shop!!!!!!!!!!!! (typical male I guess). I really wanted some new lamps for our bedroom and the guest bedroom and Marshall's in Mt Pleasant has really pretty ones! But Carson was not hearing of new lamps for mommy, he cried the whole time! But I still got my lamps Yay!!!! Remember son mommy is in control ha ha I thought I would give you all a good laugh for today.

Monday, July 13, 2009

I love my Life

Simple but true! I really love my life........ Ok Iam not writing this post so it will look like I live in a fairy tail land or Caycee land as some like to say ha ha! Iam writing simply to remember where Iam in life at this moment and how "perfect" it is. I really feel that I have been blessed in many, many ways. When I was younger I always dreamed of having a family, being a wife, a stay-at home mom and a close relationship with God and my family. I have always struggled with contentment in my life. I have always felt like there was something missing, or if I just had a little more life would be "perfect". Well it is finally like a light went off ! I have everything I could ever want/need right in front of me! Don't get me wrong I still struggle alot with being materialistic. If you know me you know I like nice things and have a little problem containing myself or hearing the word no! I just want to take a moment to list all things that Iam blessed with in my life.. 1)God - The creator of this beautiful place, and the one to thank for all the ways Iam blessed. Ever since Todd and I moved to Charleston we have become closer to the Lord. It has helped us in more ways than I can name. 2) My wonderful husband. I love him so much and this is a good feeling. No, Todd is not perfect, but I could not have asked for a better man.(I really mean this). He is a wonderful husband, father, and provider for our family. I could go on and on about Todd. He has the biggest heart in the world! I love you honey! 3) My Child. I love,love being a mom, don't get me wrong for the first months a wasn't so sure ha ha! I finally know that feeling of loving something more than life it self. If you are a mom you know what I am talking about. Carson I really don't remember life without you! You have brought more joy to our life's in the past 5 months than I could have ever imagined. 4) My family. I have the best parents in the world. My mom and dad love each other and they show it. I think this is so important for children to see growing up. I love that Iam so close to my parents, I really don't know what I would do without them. I love you mom and dad. My brother and his wonderful family! My brother and I have always been very close we are 1yr and 9 months apart. We played together all the time growing up. He is a good father, husband,and just all around good man! He has the sweetest babies and wife ever! My In laws Todd has the most kind hearted mom in the world. I love her and could sit and talk to her for hours. Todds dad, it took me a while to warm up to him... but now I know he just a big teddy bear inside! He cracks me up and I have alot of fun with him :) You should see him with Carson, I love it! Todds sister! Todd and his sister are very close, which is so nice. I think Todd gave Jamie a hard time growing up, so he is making up for it now, by being a sweet big brother! Carson loves aunt Jamie and Jamie loves Carson we cant wait until next weekend when they come see us:) 5) My friends I cant say enough about having awesome friends! Wow I have been very blessed in this department! I am still very close to a group of about 9 girls from high school its hard to believe that we have friends for almost 10 years! I love these girls. It is so fun when we get together, we just sit and talk all night long. Iam so excited for 2 of my very special girlfriends right now , that are getting married!! Yay I cant wait! We have met some of the most wonderful friends here in Charleston our small group family, the awesome girls I work with, wonderful neighbors, all of our "Florence friends" that live here. I love them all soo much! I don't what I would do without all my friends! Did I mention I LOVE THEM ALL sooo much! Ok this is def the longest post ever and I promise never to make you read this much all at one time again! I just don't ever want to forget all I have to be thankful for!

We love our Mimi and Papa

Wow I cant believe it is already Monday! We have had a busy Fun weekend! My parents came to visit this weekend, and help re-do Todds office. My dad is very talented to say the least, and he always does things perfect! I love how the room turned out!!!! They arrived here on Friday around 3:30. I cooked dinner and we just relaxed, Carson was so happy to see them! Saturday morning my dad and I went to Lowe's to get some things we needed for the office. We got back and he started his magic ha ha! Mom, Carson, and I went shopping:) we hit the outlets mom and got some cute stuff and we got little man some new PJ's. He was so good for us I think he was just showing off for Mimi! It was so nice spending time with my parents, I hate that we live 2hrs from each other, so its so nice when they come to visit! OK I have got to go........ We are picking DADDY UP FROM THE AIRPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My my we have missed daddy so much!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Fridays

This is our foyer/entry way! We live in Charleston,SC in a Charleston style house. Tall and Skinny, so our foyer is pretty slim. I havent done a lot to this, but I need to haha! Looking at pics I just realized I need to bring down the pics and clock!!

Daddy is gone to Vegas

We just dropped daddy off at the airport:( I haven't really thought about him leaving all week, it didn't really hit me until he got out of the car to say goodbye! I know that Iam being a little dramatic, he is only going for 3 nights. But let me fill you in. In the almost 5 years that Todd and I have been together, we may have spent 5 nights total away from each other! I know I know we need that time apart. Tt is just hard for us what can I say I like my husband and I like to hang out with him:)Remember we do spend all day 24-7 together!(he works from home). Anyways Daddy we hope that you have an awesome time and cant wait for you to come home! O yeah he did have these really sweet cards for me and Carson before he left and I read them in the car before I left the parking lot at the airport!(yes Carson and I cried almost the whole way home).

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Highlights and Date Night

Today I got to go get my hair did haha!It was so nice! I love my hairdresser she is the best:)Its so nice just to get those couple of hours to chat and get some highlights. Not in anyway would I ever trade getting to be a stay-at-home mommie, but its nice to get away for a few hours by myself. Thanks Daddy for watching little man while I was gone. Tonight its mine and Todds Wed. night to go on a date. My friend Mariah and I trade off everyother Wed. night and keep each others children so we can go on a date with our husbands! It is the BEST thing ever! I love her to death, and I have never once worried about Carson while he is with her. She has the sweetiest children ever, even though we dont see much of each others children.(they are usually in bed) so we actually get some alone time babysitting haha!

Our other Family

Every Tuesday night we have small group. This is a group of couples from our church that get together and "share life". We love our small group family. We have meet some really great friends along the way. Todd and I moved to Charleston about two years ago, and besides a few friends here and there didnt really know anyone. Then we met Mark and Kat our neighbors/great friends! They introduced us to the small group almost 1 1/2 years ago. We are doing the LOve Dare right now, its from the movie Fireproof(great movie by the way). I will let you know all about it when we are done.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Surprise Visit from Mimi and Papa

Today was a good day :) Carsons Mimi and Papa surprised us and came to visit for the day! They are at the lake this week on vacation, and are only like an hour away from us. They called Todd this morning and said they were coming to see us! We were so excited it has been a while since Carson has seen them, and let me tell you he loved it! He just laughed and smiled the whole time they were here. Todd took a break from work and grilled steaks yummy they were good. Thanks so much for coming to visit Mimi and Papa! I will post some pics later