Monday, March 16, 2009

Another Great Weekend

We had such a great and relaxing weekend this weekend. I think Todd and I are finally starting to get the little man on a schedule:) Which I love because I am so A type! We didnt do much it was kinda cloudy all weekend. Saturday Todd and I went to Chick-fil-a our favorite place and came home and caught up on some dvr shows. Then I had a girls night it was so nice I didnt come home until 11:00 I know that sounds early but that is late for me:) It was so nice just to be around the girls i missed little man but I knew he was in good hands with daddy. Sunday we took our weekly trip to Target and had some great brunch. Tonight will be the start of mommy and Daddys date night. Our new babysitter will be coming tonight we are so excited and nervous not because of her we know she will be great we just dont want the little man to run her off haha! I will let evryonr know how it goes. Here are few PICS!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Bath Time

weekend Fun

We had such a wonderful weekend! Our really good friend Jas, Anna, and Jbly came to town to see Carson:) It was so much fun having them here! Carson was awsome he slept most of the day and night (he really likes singstar) Anna and I made yummy martinis and talked each others ears off really I probably talked hers off haha! Then we played sing star from about 7 oclock umtil 2 in the morning that game is so addicting! We were so sad to see them leave:(

Baby Dedication

Here are a couples pictures from the baby dedication last Sunday. Carson did so good for mommy and daddy. He was awake the whole time and didnt cry one. That is very strange in our house:)