Tuesday, May 17, 2022

This and That

 Happy Tuesday! 

// First off, I wanted thank you all so much for all of the sweet messages and medication recommendations for my anxiety and depression!  At the same time, it was hard reading that all of you struggle like myself.  I'm realizing that it's much more common than we think, but it's not something that gets talked about enough. 

I've been on my new medication (Celexa) for almost a full week now, and I don't want to jinx anything, but I truly feel like a different person in the best way possible.  I have to say that no longer taking my sleep medication (I was taking Sonata nightly) has been a bit of a struggle, but I have slept much better the last two nights.  

I am hoping that it's just going to take my body a little time to adjust to not having the sleep medication, but I am hoping to see a huge difference by eating healthier and cutting out the amount of wine I drink pretty daily.  I know in the past this is what has always worked for me so I'm hoping to have the same outcome this time around as well. 

// There are so many amazing sales going on right now....

GAP has the cutest stuff for women, baby girls, and toddlers, and I haven't even checked out the boys stuff yet! But these are my favorites so far....

LOFT- is having 50% off all of their tops and accessories, and an additional 50% off of all sale items! And I am loving all the colors and prints for spring and summer!

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Old Navy Spring Sale

You guys I am blown away by Old Navy this year, and with every new shipment of new arrivals it seems to be getting better and better!!! I've spent half my morning adding things to my cart for Taylor, Reese, and myself! And also right now they are having a 30% off sale on basically everything in the store!! 

Puff Sleeve Printed Swing Dress 

Fit and Flare Embroidered Midi Dress 

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Amazon Hit and Misses

 Good morning and happy Tuesday ladies!! I am back with some more really fun amazon fashions finds for you!! And I was thinking that we pretty much had all hits again, but I tried on two dresses that arrived last night and they were misses!!! I'll be back later today to update you with selfies and what they look like in person so you guys can make sure you skip these while amazon shopping! 


Two Piece Crop Top High Waist Long Skirt //  Earrings //  Flat Sandal 

This may be the softest skirt ever, and I actually really like it with this one shoulder crop top, but I also think it's equally as cute with a white tank or tee, or as a coverup over your swimsuit! For sizing reference it runs tts and I am wearing it in the small. 

Ruffle A-Line Beach Maxi Dress // Earrings //  Flat Sandal 

I feel like this is going to be one of those dresses that I order in more than one color! It is so so soft, and it's such a flattering fit! For sizing reference it runs tts and I am wearing it in the small. 

Cropped Wide-Leg Pants Set  // Earrings // Sandals 

This is such a cute set, and one that I feel could be worn to an actual office setting or out for fun! And for sizing reference I am wearing it in the xs, and I feel like it runs a little on the big side, so I would go down one size!

Knit Cover Dress Cover-Up // Cutout One Piece 

This cover-up is one that everyone needs in their life! It's a one size fits all, under $20, and comes in 8 other colors!! 

High Waist A-Line Flowy Dress // Earrings // Block Heel 

 The high waist is so flattering on this dress, and I love that you can wear it on the shoulder or off the shoulder. 

High Waist Wide Leg Jumpsuit // Earrings // Block Heel 

I seriously love a jumpsuit, and this one is even better in person than it is online. The material says rayon online, but I swear this jumpsuit feels and looks like linen on.  For sizing reference it runs tts and I am wearing it in the small. 

Flowy A-Line Maxi with Pockets  // Earrings // Flat Sandal

The neckline is so fun on this dress and wait until you see the cute back... and you can wear it with a regular bra too! For sizing reference it runs tts and I am wearing it in the small. 

Tie Strap Long Maxi Dress  // Earrings // Sandals 

You guys order this dress NOW, it is so good in person and the fabric is so nice!! For sizing reference it runs tts and I am wearing it in the small. 

This dress is going to blow you away with fit and quality! I have it in the short sleeve pink version (you can see it on here) and it has been one of my favorites since I purchased it last summer! Also, it runs big so size down, I am wearing in the xs. 

This is possibly the best swimsuit I have purchased from amazon yet! It is such a flattering cut, and the material is amazing! 

Short girls get this dress, it makes you look so tall, and the cutouts are not too much and are super flattering. For sizing reference it does run big so size down, I am wearing it in the small. 

This is another one with great bust support and it's made of good thick quality material! I will say it is a little cheeky so I would go up a size if you're between sizes. For sizing reference I am wearing it in the size small.

This scallop swimsuit is so NICE!! The fabric has is this small diamond print, and it's padded, and has adjustable straps. For sizing reference I am wearing it in the size small.

This coverup is a little sheer, but I love the length and the fun dot material! Plus you can not beat the price at $22!! For sizing reference I am wearing it in the size small.


While this dress isn't a big miss, it was for my height and my frame. And if you are taller and do order it, make sure you size down because it runs really big! 

The bottoms on this swimsuit are basically a thong, and the top fits funny and squashes your boobs. The skirt was the only cute things about it.

Mini Babydoll Tie Strap Dress 

This dress looks like a full on potato sack, plus it's super thin too! definitely a miss on this one! 

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Lemon Pajama Set

These may just be the cutest pajamas ever, and right now they are currently 40% off with the code FRIENDS! 

Travel Tote

I love everything about this tote and I think it would make the perfect Mother's Day gift!  And what would make it even better would be to include some really fun travel plans inside of it! 

Classic Chain Necklace Set

This is such a good necklace set and I have NEVER been let down by Madewell jewelry.  Now, if you're looking for something a little more personal then you need to check out this necklace

My girl, Cristin Cooper swears by this tumbler and I trust everything she says!! 

I have the air fryer, the toaster, and the kettle by this brand in the white icing color.  I have been completely blown away with each and every product of hers!!  I have a feeling I would use this blender a lot, and I wouldn't mind having it on my counter either! 

This candle is a little on the pricey side, but man, there is no better smelling candle that diptyque! 

I am pretty sure Hearth and Hand can do no wrong, and these would be perfect for entertaining or for homemade family pizza nights!! 

I have been searching high and low for a really good Yeti tote and I think I may have finally found 'her'! Or, if you would like to call it a 'him', it also comes in a lot of manly colors as well ;) 

How gorgeous are these planters?!?!  I love that they look like a woven rope, but they are actually cement!  They come in four different sizes as well, just fyi! 

Friday, April 22, 2022

Current Weight Loss...Depression, Anxiety, and Diet

 Okay, I have been putting this post off for long enough.  You guys have been SO SWEET with all of your messages, and I would be lying my butt off if I said they didn't make me feel really good.  One of the main things I've always tried to do on this blog (and in real life) is be completely honest, and before I started the blog I was definitely an open book.  I was overly honest, and sometimes probably shared a little too much.  Looking back, I wouldn't change a thing and I would be the be the exact same way because being honest and vulnerable is what I believe real connection and life are all about. 

One of the main reasons I've been putting this post off is because I have felt some shame and possibly even a little fraudulent writing a post about my weight loss.  I say that because I feel like the majority of the weight loss hasn't come from exercising, eating super healthy, and being honest I didn't plan to blog about it.  And when I look back at that statement, I think for most of us, life isn't a fairytale and it's far from perfect or what most of us would consider blog worthy.  Either way, I want to be open about things, especially when you all have been asking about the weight loss. 

So, I've never tried to keep it a secret, as far as my struggles with anxiety, depression, and ADHD.  I have had all the symptoms of ADHD and anxiety since childhood with the exception of depression. That seemed to come after Carson's birth over 13 years ago.  Either way, I have sought out treatment and have been treated for all of the above for pretty much my entire adult life and over the past year my anxiety and depression just hit an all time high. 

There is a lot going on in my life that is bringing on a lot of stress and anxiety right now.  I wish I could discuss it all in as much detail as possible, but I just can't at this time so I hope you all can be understanding.  I know one of biggest things that is weighing me down and stressing me out is the fact that we're in the middle of a lawsuit regarding our house and have no clue whatsoever when it may be over!!!  I had no idea how lawsuits worked when it comes to your home, but clearly they take a very long time. 

That said, for the past four months or so I have not felt very hungry, but I knew I had to eat or that would only make everything worse mentally.  I am normally a stress / depression eater, so this is new to me and at some point I decided to take the well learned advice from my past, as far as healthy weight loss and apply that to my much smaller appetite. 

I really did plan to take pictures and try to document everything I've been eating, but life has been so busy (especially with a toddler) that I just couldn't make it happen the way I wanted.  Luckily, most of the meals I've been cooking and eating are things I ate in the past when I was working out and eating really healthy so I'm just going to share those with you for now. 

And if you're interested,  I've actually been taking pictures of my meals and snacks this past week and I can do another post with exactly what I've been eating.  Y'all just let me know in the comments or on Instagram if this is something you want me to do another post on. 


* Avocado toast with salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes

* 3 eggs scrambled 

* 1 slice of Peanut Butter Toast and half of a banana 


* Basic I know, but fresh blueberries and watermelon are my favorite this time of year! 

* String Cheese

* Bag of nuts (not healthy but I have been getting the ones with raisins, and chocolate).  This is my favorite brand!  I just ordered this one to try and be a little healthier :) 

* Quick bites (my favorites are these with the cranberries and cashews


* Avocado chicken salad (I am not a huge fan of mayo, but this recipe is SO good) 

* Taco Lettuce Boats 

* Half of an Italian Wrap from Publix

* Salad with leftover grilled chicken or steak (this dressing is the best and pretty healthy considering it's ranch) 


Brushetta Grilled Chicken Zoodle Bowls 

Coconut Curry Chicken 

* Spaghetti Pad Thai Squash 

* Skinny Mongolian Beef