Wednesday, October 20, 2021

One Bootie Two Ways

I know you guys have been asking for bootie recommendations that don't break the bank, and friends, I found them!!  And they are not only super affordable, but they also go with everything and are super flattering.  I am showing you guys two different looks below with the same adorable booties.

As you've probably noticed, I've been wearing a lot of Walmart fashion lately, and I'm not kidding when I tell you I've been blown away by the quality and the fit.  That being said, not only are the booties from, but both outfits and the accessories are also from
This blouse is even cuter in person and it also comes in two other gorgeous fall prints as well. 

I almost didn't include this picture being that I think I look a little ridiculous, but I wanted you guys to see how these jeans really lift your booty up!  This is so important when I shop for jeans because let's be real, three kids later, mama needs all the help she can get...ha! 
I can't get over the fact that this watch is under $10!  This would make such an awesome stocking stuffer. 

Next up is this adorable swing dress by the brand Time and Tru.  Every single thing I've ordered from this brand I have loved, and again, the quality is so good.  

This dress runs big so I would definitely size down.  I am wearing a small, but could have taken the xs for not such a loose fit.  It would also look really cute with this belt as well. 

So, if you're looking for a good pair of neutral booties then you need to snag these now!  Another thing I really love about the booties are the side slits, and I also like the fact that the top isn't too high.  I don't exactly have small legs and a lot of booties cut me off above my ankle, which is quite unflattering.  If you have larger calves then you know what I'm talking about. 

I tried to link up everything throughout the post, but you can also click on any of the photos below to shop everything I shared above.

*Thank you Walmart for partnering on this post.* 

Monday, October 18, 2021

7 on Monday

 Mock Neck Fine Gauge Sweater 

I had so many dm messages about this sweater, and let me tell y'all it's a good one, and I mean a really good one! The fabric is lightweight but still sturdy and you will not believe it when you see it with its $17 price tag!

H&M is seriously killing it right now with all the adorable kids fall clothes! I am pretty sure 70% of Reese and Taylor's wardrobes will be from here this season! 

These remind me so much of the my favorite Nordstrom pajamas, but they are a good bit cheaper! Also, I have a different pair of pajamas in this brand and I absolutely love them, and the quality is amazing! These would make such and awesome christmas gift as well! 

I know you guys are thinking it's way too early for me to be sharing coats with you guys! But this coat always sells out SUPER fast, so I would grab it now because it's a really good one. I have it in black and in the pink. 

Okay you guys I searched a few different stores looking for some cute overalls, and I was so excited when I found these online. All I had to go by were the online photos and the reviews, but they are even cuter in person! 

I am so excited that they came out with this dress in the long sleeve version for fall!! I own and love this short sleeve version, and apparently you guys did too! 

And last but not least, here's the best golden goose dupes I've ever seen!! 

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Sausage Tortellini Soup

Good morning and happy Wednesday friends! I am so excited to be bringing back weekly recipes! When I asked you guys on stories what you all wanted to see more of on the blog, the main request was to bring back more recipes. And if I am being honest, this helps me get more creative in the kitchen and for the most part, I ended up finding new meals that my kids will actually eat! 

And today's recipe was not only a full house pleaser, but it was also one of the easiest recipes I've ever made, and it cooks super fast too! Another added bonus it freezes well, so I suggest doubling the recipe and freezing half of it! And I can not recommend these soupercubes enough, they really are a game changer for freezing leftovers or meal planning. 


Also, here are a few of my favorite kitchen items included above in the photos, and also my favorite pot for any delicious soup!

Monday, October 11, 2021

Media / Play Room Refresh

 I'm not sure about you guys, but there is truly nothing more exciting than the feeling of a clean and updated space in our home.  As many of you know, we have now been in our house for almost five years and during that time, the media room along with our kitchen is definitely our most used space. 

That being said, the media room is often occupied by our three wonderful, yet very messy kids!  So, five years in, and this space was begging for a facelift and most importantly a new rug!!  And this time, I decided to be a little smarter and make sure that the rug was machine washable because as much as I tried to spot clean and even machine clean our last rug, spots and puppy pee smells were still left behind.

All that to say, since this is the space that our three kids pretty much live in when they're home, I wanted to give it a refresh without breaking the bank so I was beyond thrilled when I saw that just released a new and very stylish collection of washable rugs.  I truly ended up having such a hard time choosing a rug for this space because they had SO many good ones.  And just so you know, almost every washable rug is under $250 and that even goes for the largest sizes in each rug! 

I am beyond thrilled with how this space turned out.  I really can't say enough amazing things about and their home collection!  Every time I place an order I am completely blown away when the products arrive.
Now, here's to hoping we can keep this space looking nice and clean, and also that the kids will keep their toys put away in their new seagrass and paper rope baskets

You can click below to shop any and everything you see above!


Also, being that seriously has some of the best home pieces, I decided to share a few more of my favorites with you guys in a little mood board below! 

Thank you Walmart for partnering on this post. 

Saturday, October 9, 2021

Five on Saturday

 ONE // 

I am so excited that the Boone Hall pumpkin patch is back in full swing this year!!  We haven't been able to enjoy taking Reese yet and I'm pretty sure she's going to LOVE it, especially the little hayride.  I can't decide if we're going to go today or tomorrow, but I'll be sure to share pictures on Instastories. Here's a look back at a few of my favorites from the pumpkin patch! 

TWO // 

I seriously cannot get over how dang cute the girls baby stuff is at Walmart for fall!  Our store didn't have Reese's size in any of these sets, but I got to see and feel the quality, and y'all, I could not believe this set (including tights) was only $13!  I just ordered Reese both of these prints for fall. 


I found two new soup recipes that I'm dying to try.  I am planning on making one (or possibly both) this weekend!  I'm thinking I could freeze one in my souper cubes and make dinner really easy one night next week. 

FOUR // 

It's been a while since I've shared my recent outfits on here so here's a few from last week. 

Dress runs big so size down, and for reference, I'm wearing it in the xs. 

Top run large so size down, and for reference, I am wearing it in the xs.  The jeans runs pretty tts and I am wearing them in a size 4 short. 

It's runs on the smaller side so size up.  For reference, I'm wearing a medium. 

Top runs tts, and for reference, I'm wearing a small. 

FIVE // 

Last, we are trying to decide on somewhere fun to take the kids this month.  As of right now, we're thinking Carowinds and also doing Scarowinds one night while we're there.  My parents have agreed to keep Reese,so it will just be the four of us, but I'm a little worried that Taylor is possibly a little too young.  Have any of you guys ever been to Carowinds / Scarowinds?  If so, what are your thoughts on appropriate ages?  Taylor is 9 (and turning 10 in May) and Carson will be 13 in January.