Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My First Vlog!

I hope this helps you guys out! Please excuse my voice, and the rambling :)

PS I totally forgot to mention my girl Leslie who helped me with all my nutrition! She rocks, and really helped me to learn what was healthy and what was not!


  1. Loved your first vlog!! And your advice is perfect!!

  2. love it!! Congrats on 26 pounds! Ive lost 50 and I think it makes you feel so much better, I still have 20 more to go, but Ill get there. Im not sure where you lost 26 from, you were already so skinny!!! xo
    More vlogs! :)

  3. Love your vlog!! You are too cute girl!!
    Thanks for all of the tips!!

    Were stopping in Charelston on our way to Pawyley's Island next Friday and staying the night! Cant't wait!! Totally jealous that you live at my favorite place!!!!!!!

  4. LOVE YOUR VLOG! You have such a cute Southern accent! I'm trying to lose 20 myself..let's see how this goes! Congrats you look great!

  5. awesome! i myself am trying to lose weight and the cupcakes always win - LOL! seriously, great advice and congrats!

  6. Cute vlog!! What you said is so true and has been said a million times before, but hearing it from an actual real person is different than reading it in Self or hearing it from Jillian Michaels!! Great job on your weight loss...I know how hard it is :)

  7. I am new to your blog, but I love it already! You remind me a lot of me! :) I also have a blog, but it is private. However, I would love to send you an invite to access it so that you can read! I have to say, I am struggling major with weight loss right now. I just cannot get motivated. Stumbling upon your blog may have been the ticket! If you have any tips for how you and your hubby made the switch to a healthier lifestyle, I would love to hear them.

    My email address is sassyinthesouth1@gmail.com