Thursday, October 23, 2014

Tory Burch....Private Sale

Hey,  incase you haven't heard Tory Burch just announced their private sale!!!

My two favorites would have to be.........

This bag, marked half off!

And this gorgeous cuff

Gone Fishing

Y'all, I know that title is totally goofy, but it's the best I could come up with. When I asked Todd if he would mind modeling his jeans for me, he laughed and said, "Nah, I'll pass!" Then, I told him I would throw in a nice shirt, boots, and I would pay for dinner. Yeah, he changed in mind pretty quickly ha! But, he said he would only do it if he could do something he enjoyed doing while I snapped the pictures. The rules were: I am not standing alone posing, I am not giving you any awkward smiles, and I get to fish. Hey, I've worked with more difficult requests in my life ;) 

I know they are both mine and I am a little biased, but I sure do have two handsome little fishermen in my life. 

Okay on the real, Todd has a hard time finding jeans that fit him in the waist and the length. So I was pretty pumped, but not surprised that Nordstrom had our solution. These Hudson jeans that Todd has on come in all sizes and 3 different lengths to each size. 

I know shirtless Todd is way more fun, but how good looking is this plaid shirt. I usually prefer him dressed a little more preppy, but I've got to say looking through these pictures I am kinda of digging this entire look. Especially the boots, they're kinda hot right!

Outfit Details
Shirt  // Jeans  // Boots

You can shop more of my men favorites below. 

Thank you Nordstrom for sponsoring this post. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wish List Wednesday

With the Holidays and someone's big 30th coming up;), I've been on the hunt for a few fancier dresses. This Milly dress is simply stunning and I can not believe that it is already marked down 40% off!! 

I am obsessed with these colors together. So many shoe choices with this dress too! I would probably play it safe and go with pumps, but booties would look adorable too. 

If this isn't just pullover perfection I don't know what is!! Plus, it comes in 4 colors! You know the cream is my favorite :) 

I love my suede boots with a high heel, but I would equally love to have these. I feel like I would wear these a little more being that they are not as tall. They also come in black as well, which are very pretty. 

I am not sure what it is about an animal on a blouse, but I love it!! The colors are just beautiful and the pop of pink secretly makes me love it a little more! 

I adore a good sweater dress. They are my favorite paired with knee boots. How awesome is this one and it's under $70.00!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Randoms on a Tuesday...........

We made these brussel sprouts this past weekend and they were amazing!! Probably not the most healthy version, but delicious none the less!!! 

I am so smitten with this poncho!! Can you believe it's under $40.00!?! I can picture myself snuggled on the porch with this one. 

This mirror  is stunning and I really want it for my dining room, but my concern is the wood isn't dressy enough for a dining room? The details are so amazing, so maybe I could make it work. What are y'alls thought? 

I also have my eye on this one too, but my worry here is that it is too dressy or just too much glass and bling.

Speaking of the dining room, I am  planning on ordering this chandelier. I love the look and I could not believe the price for this thing! 

I am wondering if I would be safer going with this one in our dining room?

This sweater is currently marked down and it is so dreamy!! Now to decide which color I like best.

I've officially decided this is my dream shower!! 

These cinnamon rolls are haunting me!! I may just have to make these this weekend!! 

Last, how beautiful are these white blooms!?! I would have my house filled everyday with fresh flowers if I could, there is just something about them that make me smile. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

This and That..........

So yesterday's Sunday Fun Day was a little too much fun and when we got home I was just too tired to come upstairs and type. So hello 5:00am wake-up call and lots of coffee :) 

Thank for the fun Sunday Oyster roast Krystine!! Can you guys believe she made this table, how cool is that!?!?

Did you guys have a great weekend? The weather here was incredible so went spent lots of time outdoors! 

* On Friday my parents made a quick trip here so I made sure and take them to Xiao Bao Biscuit  for lunch. They thought it was amazing and we even had to place two orders of their wings.  They are seriously the best wings I've ever eaten!

* Mom and I also went to see the movie The Best of Me. My dad was so sweet and hung out with Taylor and Carson for the day so mom and I could have some girl time. I don't want to spoil the movie, but don't go unless you have 5 boxes of tissues. I have may done the ugly cry more than once. 

When we came back home my dad had my new rug under the dining room table. This picture does not do this rug justice, it's beautiful! I still have a few things I want to change and some styling to do, but so far I am loving it! 

* We ordered pizza with some of friends Saturday night and had a nice laid back night on the deck. We finally got the tv up after Todd and a good friend/neighbor spent the earlier part of the day installing it. These kinda of nights are pretty much my favorite kinda nights :) 

* On Sunday, Todd and I took the kids and met some friends to see Disney on Ice. Taylor was in heaven and was all smiles until she passed out eating popcorn. Poor girl just couldn't make it, it was her nap time and she was pooped. Carson, on the other hand, thought it was cool until about halfway through and then he got a little bored. He told us he had seen enough princesses and he was ready to leave :) 

* Oh yeah, and I just had to include this picture of Carson and I. I went on my first 'big school' field trip with him last week. It was so fun seeing all the cute kids in his class and he was so proud I was there. I love this little guy so much and I feel like I don't see him nearly enough anymore so any extra time I can get with him is so special to me. 

Last, the winner of the custom painting giveaway is Jami Bowling!! Congrats girl, I'll be in touch today with details!! 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Denim for men

Are the men in your life picky when it comes to what they wear? Todd is actually pretty good and will usually let me do all his shopping for him. 

When it comes to jeans though he's a little opinionated.  Thank goodness for Nordstrom because they have the BEST selection of denim! He likes his classic and straight so I guess he's really not that fussy ;) 

I just picked him up a few new pair because they are having a great sale on on two of "our" favorite brands Hudson and Joes

And you guys watch out next week, I may have even talked him into modeling them for y'all ;) 

One  // Two // Three // Four // Five

You can shop a few more of my favorites for Todd below. 

*This post was sponsored by Nordstrom. All thoughts, opinions, and outfit choice are my own.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Custom Painting Giveaway..............

Happy Friday loves!! I want to start off this post with a huge thank you to all of you who emailed me and commented yesterday. I am always blown away at how genuine and sweet you all are. You guys are seriously amazing. I really do feel so much more at ease now while also shocked at how many of you struggle with migraines too. 

Now let's move on to a much happier topic!! How would you guys like an 11x14 custom painting of your choice!? You may all remember me talking before about my amazingly talented friend Ann! Yeah, she rocks. She created the most beautiful painting for me to give Todd on Father's Day last year.  I was in awe when she gave it to me. I mean, did't she do a fabulous job! I know this is something that Todd and I will treasure forever! 

This is the picture I sent her. 

And here is the painting she created. Isn't it beautiful! 

Here are a few more of my favorites that Ann has created. She's the real deal I tell you :) 

Good luck! This giveaway will close on Monday at midnight.