Thursday, March 5, 2015

On my mind.......

// I received this dress in the mail on Monday, and I must say, I am in love!!  It's such a flattering cut, and to top things off, the colors are even better in person!  We have an upcoming engagement party and I can't wait to wear this beauty!  It would also be so perfect for and outdoor wedding, or any kind of wedding ;)! 

For sizing reference I am in the 0 petite. 

// Little touches of spring and Easter make me so happy!  I am normally not a carnation girl, but I thought these were so beautiful!!  Back to one of my previous posts, those dang little eggs made their way into my shopping cart AGAIN this week!!  Oh, and this candle has the loveliest spring scent ever!!  I also got these cute little chicks for something fun I have planned for the kids. 

// We've had some really gorgeous weather here in Charleston this week!  I am talking sunny and upper 70s!  I am actually wearing my flip flops today and it's making me so ready for summer!  These two Joie silk halters were just marked down 40% perfect for spring and summer. 

// Have you guys been watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?  Y'all, what is wrong with Brandi and Kim?!?  I hope they don't really treat people like that?!  I am always so baffled at the things that come out of Brandi's mouth and now Kim is becoming just as bad!  I do still love me some Lisa and Kyle, so I guess I will continue watching. 

// If you are looking for the most amazingly tasty bar, get this uber Larabar!  It is so delicious, plus it's gluten free and contains no GMO! 

I am still on the hunt for the perfect play house so if you guys see any that are fabulous please let me know!  I sent my dad this one last night.  Isn't it adorable!?  I can just imagine the fun that Taylor and Carson would have in it this summer.  I had one (that my dad built) when I was a little girl, and I have so many great memories of my brother and I playing in it. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wine Talk

Have you guys missed the wine talk?  I've figured out that sometimes it's fun to just laugh at yourself, and know that you're not alone in your crazy shenanigans!   

// So, you know how in middle school you go through that really awkward phase?  Bad haircut, bad makeup, and really bad clothes?  Well, it turns out I went through this stage twice, once in my pre-teens, and then again right after I had Carson.  I can't even begin to tell you guys how many great laughs there have been while looking back at these pictures.  I mean, where were my friends at to say, "Hell no Caycee, this is not good!".  Don't worry, you know I've asked them, and their response was, "I don't remember you ever looking like this!".  Well darn it, I did, and I've got the pictures to prove it!  That being said, it gets better folks.  During this stage in my life I loved everything seersucker and matching. When I say matching, I don't mean my polish and shirt, I am talking my entire family completely matching!  Poor Todd and poor Carson.  I am not sure how I ever convinced Todd to get on board with this, maybe my persuasive skills are even better than I thought:) 

Carson's face says it all.....

See how much happier he is by himself, without his 'matching family.'

Guess what came in the mail last week...The Kellys Kids catalogue, and guess what?  They brought them back!!!!  Matching outfits for the entire family!  Todd looked at me and said, "Throw that shit away right now!".  Bahaha!!!!  What do ya say Todd, you ready for round two? 

Secretly, I am loving some of the patterns and colors this year, but maybe I'll leave the matching to Taylor and I.

// So, who has been to see Fifty Shades of Grey?!?  People said the book wasn't well written, but I didn't read it, so I wanted to find out for myself.  Plus, Jamie Dornan isn't hard too look at:)  The plot, or the lack of, was pretty was the ending!  The sex scenes....well, they were just okay!  Maybe it was the fact that all we ever saw was her boobs and un-groomed crotch, and then all you got from Jamie was butt cheeks every now and then!  Ugh, whats the deal with that in movies?  You can show every detail of a woman naked, but hold the phone if you see anything on a man!  So can y'all tell what my real beef was with the movie??  Haha!  That being said, if they come out with part two, you know I am going to buy a ticket!  I mean, I have to find out what happens next:) 

On that note, Magic Mike 2 is coming out this summer!  Who wants to grab some wine and popcorn and join me?  I doubt I can drag Todd to this one! 

// I feel like I could to start a post on all the crazy things that happens to me at the gym.  I think I've mentioned before that I've had the same trainer now for five years.  He opened his own gym about a year and a half ago.  At the time he opened it he was very busy and he suggested I use someone new to train me until things settled down.  I wasn't too sure how I felt about this, but I said to myself, "Hey, I can talk to a trash can on the side of the street, how hard could it be to train with someone new?".  Then comes my first session with the new guy and I was so dang nervous for some reason.  I mean, I've been training for a long time so leading up to that I feel that I am pretty confident in the gym.  So anyway, we get through almost the entire workout smoothly, and I actually think I may have even impressed him with a few things, but then he asked me to get on the row machine and row as fast as I can for 500 meters.  So, I hop on the row machine and start rowing away as fast as I can. That's about the time when things went south.  I still have no idea how it happened, but the next thing I know, half my body has fallen off onto the floor, and the other half still on the machine (keep in mind, on a rowing machine your feet are strapped in).  After the trainer saw that I was okay, he said (while laughing), "Damn girl, in all my years of training I have never seen anyone fall off of a row machine!!".  Y'all, I fell off a row machine....WTF!!  Just so you can have a visual, here is a rowing machine! 

Happy Hump Day loves! 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Good Things on a Tuesday!

Oh Gap  please stop with the adorable girls clothes, you are killing me! Today only shop their spring break sale plus save an additional 25% off of that!! Use code SAVE! 
(Click on picture to take you to the product.)

I love when I can pull two outfits from one good blouse. Pale pink and nude are going to be huge this spring, and this makes me extremely happy! Most everything in the collage below is from Shopbop, so if you like, you can take advantage of their sale going on. The only thing that isn't are those amazing look-a- like Valentino flats! Aren't they stunning!!! 

(Click on picture to take you to the product.)

***Serena and Lily  just announced you can save an additional 20% off of all sale items. I've picked a few of my favorites below! These baskets are such a steal 39.99 for 3 baskets is just crazy!! Use code EVENBETTER to save!!  

Solar Blue Night Swimming

So, I really love the name they gave this much that I used it as my title today!  Who remembers swimming at night as a kid, or even better, as a teenager?!?!  Wasn't it the best?!  Personally, I can definitely remember how fun those nights were:)

Okay, enough flashbacks, let's talk Lilly and their killer spring patterns!  So many good ones, but this Camille top is one of my favorites! It fits very similar to the Elsa top, just a little bit slimmer of a cut. 

Outfit Details 

I love these new skinny crop, high waist jeans, plus the fact that they hug my ankle.  These fit very snug, but I have very muscular (or thicker) legs so they may not look this fitted on you! I would go with your regular size. 

** Heads up, Shopbop starts their tier event today!

Save 15% off a purchase over $250
Save 20% off a purchase over $500
Save 25% off a purchase over $1000

  Now is the time to grab a few of the higher priced items you've been wanting!  I am picking up these sandals for sure!  My sunglasses I am wearing above are the 'shrunken aviators', perfect for a smaller face! 

I am just slightly obsessed with this one ;) 

** And because I can't get enough of the new spring line, here are just a few I am lusting over!  This shay ruffled top is a must have, plus it's under $50.00! 

Monday, March 2, 2015

Buy One Get One Half Off.......... Target!

 After the gym this morning I quickly popped in Target to grab a few groceries. I of course headed to the kids section to take a little peek! I fell in love with a lots of things, but sadly they didn't have Taylor's size in all of it.  This dress in particular I knew I had to have, so I when I came home I checked online!!! 

Well hotdog I am sure glad that I did!! They are having a Spring Break buy one get one half off most all summer stuff!! I am actually tempted to return the few things I bought her in store and order them online as well, because the store is not honoring the sale ;( 

Remember this collage, well it's all part of the sale today!! 

So much cuteness!! Even some cute trunks for the boys too! 

And VS finally brought back this amazing cover-up!!!

Tassel trim Cover up

Lots of randomness.....

Happy Monday y'all! You know, I always try to wake up on Monday as motivated and positive as possible, but in reality, this ecard is how I really feel about it;)  I hate saying goodbye to the weekends! 

Our weekend was pretty laid back.  The weather was really yucky, so we spent most of our time inside. 

We did, however, make it to church on Sunday.  We decided we wanted to go back to our old church, which is the one we went to when we first moved here.  If I am being honest, after Taylor was born, we kinda got out of going regularly.  Todd and I both agreed that it felt good to be back!

This dress that I wore Sunday is one of my favorites and it's on major clearance right now in this stunning blue color! So soft and comfy!  Loving my rice bead necklace, it goes with everything! 

After church we had an amazing brunch at one of our favorites spots, The Med.  I usually choose either Saturday or Sunday to indulge and this weekend it was Sunday!  Recently, I've had a few of you email me asking about my workout/diet routine so I am planning on trying to get all that together this week or next!  I wish I was one of those girls that could eat whatever she wanted and stay slim, but that's just not the case!  Yo, the struggle is real! 

I love the realness of this brunch picture....Peppa Pig drawings, bruised and battered Mickey, and a side of chocolate chip pancakes and french toast!  I had the chicken and waffles with tabasco honey!!

After brunch, we came home, changed into our comfy clothes, and all piled in our bed. We watched Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. 
It was the cutest for the entire family!  Carson and I rocked out our Ninja Turtle shirts! I knew when I spotted this sweatshirt I had to grab it, and y'all, it's so, so soft.  I'm thinking maybe I should get this Mickey one and give Taylor a good laugh too! If you guys missed all my Forever 21 picks this weekend, check them out here

Insomnia and your phone in bed are never a good combination. Or, maybe they are:) You are NOT going to believe all the fabulousness I discovered at this store!!!! I shared all my favorite rugs from Urban yesterday, so if you missed it, check them out here!!  I swear this isn't sponsored, I am just dying at all the good things and the prices;) 

Let's begin with how this all started, shall we?!  I Googled 'inappropriate birthday' candles and up popped these!  I wanted something funny for my friends and their upcoming birthdays...aren't they hilarious!?!?! You must check out the party section and bar I've ever seen!! 

I mean, have you ever!?!?  Might just be the cutest t-shirt dress I've ever seen!!  Plus, it comes in three different colors!! 

The scallop goodness does not stop here though........

I have searched high and low for this color combination and finally I found it!! 

Love at first sight with these beauties!! I want two of these to hang on our upstairs porch! 

I mean, just stop!!  How cool would this be in a half bathroom?!

Last, if you are in need of a good pool bag or just an everyday 'kid friendly' bag, you should check out Hayden Reis.  They are currently running a 20% off sale (that never happens with them).  We LOVE our bag so much and can't wait to use it all summer!!  Use code NEWSITE to save!