Friday, March 27, 2015


I love a good, basic outfit that I can wear with flats or flip flops during the day, then I can switch into my shoes/heels for a night out!  If I am not in a dress, you will most likely find me in jeans and a t-shirt.  I swore I would never pay $80.00 for a freaking t-shirt, then I made the mistake of trying this one on!!  This is the only white t-shirt I own that you can't see through, plus, the fit is perfect.......I was sold!
 (It does run big so sized down I am in the XXS)

Outfit Details 

And y'all, these jeans!!!  The first, and only pair, that truly fit me as a crop!  Can you believe that they are only $65.00!!!  I swear you will be hooked!!!  Plus, they offer fast, free shipping and returns!! 

Can't get enough of my new tassel bag!

PS Don't forget Loft still has their 40% off the entire site!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Loft 40% off!!!!

I have been checking daily to see when Loft was going to announce another big sale!! There are quite a few things I've been wanting to purchase, so I am so happy I waited!!  

No code needed!!  Price will reflect at checkout! 

Thoughts on Thursday

One more day until FRIDAY!!!  Can I get a whoop whoop!! 

// I am so excited about Taylor's upcoming third birthday!!  I always joke that if I had to pick my dream job, it would be planning birthday parties for kids.  I know, kind of a quirky dream job right :) I love thinking up all the little details...from flowers, to food, to games, and of course, the precious party favors!  I picked out her cake yesterday, and y'all, it's going to be adorable!!!  Here's a little mood board I put together for inspiration! 

Man, they grow way too fast! Anyway, here's to hoping she's a little happier about turning 3!! 

I am also thinking it's time for another candy buffet :)  We had one at Carson's 1st birthday, and it was a huge hit!! 

This dress just came in the mail yesterday, and I am seriously head over heels for it!!  I called both of the local Dillard's, and neither one had it, so I had to order online and patiently wait for it to arrive!  That being said, it was well worth the four day wait ;)  I am planning on taking this beauty with me to an upcoming Dallas trip! 

// Our friends out at the Andell Inn have invited us to come back and stay the weekend with them in early April!! We are so stinking excited, we had the best time ever last summer when we stayed there (here's our little recap if you missed it). 

They put this picture of Taylor and I on their website, and my first  thought was, "hot dog my roots look bad." ;) Good thing Taylor looks so adorable! 

// We took Taylor to the movie theater for the first time last weekend.  I really wanted to go see Cinderella, but I feared it would be too old for her.  So instead, we saw Paddington Bear.  It was such an adorable movie, and Taylor lasted about half way through without a peep, then out of no where she decided she was ready to go home and kept repeating it over and over.  Todd had to take her out to play in the arcade while Carson and I finished watching the movie ;)  Note to self, she probably needs another year before we venture to the movies again! 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Serena and Lily Private Sale....with Sally King Benedict Art!!!!

Have I told y'all lately how much I love y'all!! I know liketoknowit can be a pain in the ass!!! So for all my girls who wanted dress details tonight.............

(ps it's not available in any of the Charleston stores.) 

Okay ladies this is major Serena and Lily announced their private sale!!! But the major part is Sally King Benedict art is on sale!!! And it's framed!!!! 

And a few other favorites!!!! 

Those Shoes........

Happy Hump Day y'all!! I crashed last night and had all intentions of getting up early and writing a fun post on my  plans for Taylor's Peppa Pig party! Oops...... hopefully I'll find the time this afternoon :) 

But in the meantime, lets chat about these shoes!!! I die! Kate Spade makes the best shoes in all the world, as you see I wear my nude ones a ton! And right now they are part of the friends and family event at Bloomingdale's!!! 

(Click image to shop.)

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Friends and Family Favorites!

 I mentioned earlier that Bloomingdale's just announced their friends and family sale today!!

I've rounded up just a few of my favorites :)  Don't forget use code FRIENDS at checkout to save 25%!! 


Swim and Cover-ups 

Tops and Bottoms 


Kids and Baby 

Round Here.......

Oh the rain!!!  It has been raining here non-stop for the last two days!  Fortunately, the weather was pretty good on Saturday so Todd and I were able to knock a few things off the outdoor to-do list.  He got all the bushes trimmed, the grass cut, and the sandbox built under the swing set.  He hates to paint, so I offered to take on the entire swing set, thinking it would probably only take me a few hours!!  Ummm....wrong, try 6 hours!!  The only reason I stopped after four hours was because my right hand was numb so I decided I needed a glass of wine to continue :) But wow, what a difference a little scrub down and paint make!!  


(I wish I could have snapped this picture before all the rain came.)

We also had our annual Easter Egg Hunt for our neighborhood on Saturday!  Each year it gets bigger and bigger, I was actually told they put out 4,000 eggs this year!!!  They always make it so much fun, complete with the Easter bunny, jump castles, games, eggs galore, food trucks, and even a cupcake truck this year ;) 

This is Taylor looking for the bunny :) 

My little man had a sleepover with one of his best buddies from school on Friday.  They've actually been best buds since they were two in MMO.  It's so cute to see the two of them still so close.  That being said, with Carson gone, that meant Todd and I had Taylor all to ourselves (something that doesn't happen very often).  Todd called on Friday and told me to get ready because he was coming home early to take his girls out.  It was really so awesome getting some one on one time with our little lady, and you could tell she was just eating up all the attention.  In case you guys missed my post over the weekend, I wore this maxi when we went out.  Such a steal for this dress! 

After giving it lots of thought, I decided to have Taylor's playhouse custom built.  I looked into the cheaper ones that I mentioned earlier, but they had horrible reviews!  So, I searched high and low to see what other options were available.  In the end, I fell in love with the ones at LeonardUSA.  They are totally customizable, and can be moved when we decide to move.  We went out to the factory outlet last week, and they are even more adorable in person, and I swear, they are not sponsoring this post in any way.  I just truly adore their little houses ;)  Taylor's will look similar to this one, minus the deck. 

Last, Bloomingdale's just announced their friends and family sale!!! Use code FRIENDS to save 25% off of your purchase!! 

Really loving this swimsuit!!